Apartments Grébovka – brand new
apartment building
on the corner of Košická
and U Vršovického
nádraží streets.

Unique apartment building was built in 2013 and used as a luxury rental residence. It is located on the corner of Košická, U Vršovického Nádraží and Smolenská streets. It is located right next to the one of Prague´s biggest and most beautiful parks – Havlíčkovy Sady, also known as Grébovka. The area of Grébovka extends over neighborhoods Vinohrady (Prague 2) and Vršovice (Prague 10) and has recently undergone an extensive reconstruction, finalized in 2014. Grébovka is part of the city´s cultural heritage since 1964.

Surroundings of the building made the location one of Prague´s most attractive and lucrative for many years.
Given the unique location and the floor-plan, the building is made up of atypical apartments with large glazing areas providing the flats with very light and airy feel. Amazing views of Grébovka are the result of the sizable south and west facing windows.
The building consists of one underground and six above-ground floors. The space is divided into two non-residential and only 9 residential units. Apart from the ground floor, all units have their own balconies or terraces. All of the apartments are fully furnished and equipped, including high standard kitchen units with appliances.
The underground floor is used solely for parking purposes. There are 8 parking spaces accessible via car-elevator from Košická street. The ground floor is dominated by the entrance hall. It is also used for common services purposes for the residents. Separate rooms for garbage, cleaning supplies, bicycles and strollers are all located there.
The rest of the floors consist of two residential units per floor, except for the sixth floor, which consist of one extensive residential unit with the ´all around the flat´ terrace providing spectacular panorama view.


Byty Grébovka – Košická 2, Praha 10, Vršovice
floor apartment number reported m2 actual m2 balcony parking space price special price
1st 1551/102 48 m2 45,11 m2 without 5 187 650 Kč 4 490 000 Kč DETAIL
1st 1551/103 47,1 m2 45,11 m2 two spaces by the sides DETAIL
2nd 1551/1 106,1 m2 99,80 m2 11,10 m2 yes 11 766 500 Kč 10 890 000 Kč DETAIL
2nd 1551/2 47,3 m2 46,66 m2 8,30 m2 without Sold Sold DETAIL
3rd 1551/3 106,8 m2 99,80 m2 11,10 m2 yes Sold Sold DETAIL
3rd 1551/4 69 m2 65,00 m2 8,30 m2 without Sold Sold DETAIL
4th 1551/5 106,8 m2 99,80 m2 11,20 m2 yes Sold Sold DETAIL
4th 1551/6 69 m2 65,00 m2 8,30 m2 yes Sold Sold DETAIL
5th 1551/7 106,8 m2 99,80 m2 11,20 m2 yes Sold Sold DETAIL
5th 1551/8 69 m2 65,00 m2 8,30 m2 yes Sold Sold DETAIL
6th 1551/9 139,9 m2 132,00 m2 54,00 m2 yes DETAIL



Slavíkova 23, Praha 2, 120 00
Tel.: +420 224 239 683
+420 777 605 106
+420 608 813 074